Voucher Redemption

How to Redeem a Wowcher Code

If you have purchased a coupon code for one of our products through Wowcher, you can redeem it on our website.

You will need to check out in the usual way and enter your voucher code to apply the discount. All vouchers must be redeemed one at a time.

(If you’ve purchased 3 vouchers, you will need to check out 3 times, once for each voucher).


Please follow the step by step instructions below to redeem your voucher code:


Redeeming a refunded voucher

Unfortunately, this happens to often.

If a voucher is purchased from a deal site, then the voucher is redeemed on our website and postage paid when a refund has been from the

deal site, it’s fraud.

We do have processes in place to prevent this and the deal site will always be informed, often leading to action being taken by the site.

If you have requested a refund from the deal site, please, do not try to redeem your voucher.

If you do, the order will be cancelled immediately and the money you pay us will go directly to our chosen charity.

 You have been warned!!

* Any promtional/discount/sale products should not be refundable and we will be unable to accept any returns as well.

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